About theatre

We have created our theater in 2003. And in May, 2005 in St.-Petersburg started the Russian-British project (with theater Chicken Shed from London), constructed on inclusiveness principles, and in 2007 project has been finished.
The Youth included theater "Piter Shed".Basic a principle of work of our theater — an inclusiveness continues to live. It means that doors are opened for everything, without dependence from a floor, race, age and physical inability presence. On a scene all are equal.
It is especially important for children and young men with the limited possibilities for which the touch to theatrical art is powerful psychological support in life and a push in development of their private world.
Piter Shed - it theater in which are engaged not only children, teenagers and young men with the limited possibilities, but also usual children (pupils of schools, students-volunteers from different high schools, brothers/sisters students) and all who wants to create and develop the talent.
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